Function, Style, and Piece of Mind with Quality Gates

At Spring Klein Fence Co, we understand the importance of keeping your property protected at all times. Installing a gate not only adds a layer of security, but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property. To enable this, we procure gate operators from the industry’s leading manufacturers, ensuring that our clients get the best-quality equipment that will last for years to come.Our gates are crafted with meticulous attention to detail and are built to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. Whether you need a simple swing gate or a more complex slide gate, we work with you to find the perfect solution for your needs. Our team of experienced professionals handles the entire installation process, ensuring that the gate is securely anchored and perfectly aligned. At Spring Klein Fence Co., we take pride in delivering high-quality gates that provide our clients with peace of mind and unparalleled value for their investment.

Decorative Gates

We understand that the perfect gate isn’t just about function, but also about style. That’s why we offer an extensive selection of decorative gates that can complement any fencing design. Our gates come in various materials such as wrought iron, aluminum, and wood, and can be customized with intricate details and patterns. Whether you’re looking for a chic, modern gate or a timeless, classic one, we have it all. Our decorative gates not only offer an aesthetic appeal but also provide an added layer of security to your property. So, if you’re in Houston TX and looking for a fencing company that offers both beauty and durability, look no further than Spring Klein Fence Co.


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They have done a great job! We used them twice and Chris is always very nice.

Ben Bailey

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Excellent job and workmanship. We have used this company before for some repair work and were pleased enough to use them again for a complete fence replacement. Could not have been more pleased with the completed project. We have received many comments and compliments on our new fence. Thank you Chris for a job well done.


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